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You should only complete the below form if you are ready to book your luxe picnic with The Beverley Sleepover Company. 

Once you have completed this booking form, please make payment for the booking deposit of £50. The remaining balance plus a damage deposit of £50 is required a minimum of 7 days before the event date. The damage deposit will be refunded up to 48 hours after the event providing there is no damage to the equipment. 

If payment is not received, The Beverley Sleepover Company reserve the right to release the booking date. 

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£10 extra.

£25 extra.

Terms & Conditions

Whilst we want you to have a fun and unforgettable party, we also want to make sure everyone is safe, therefore we ask you to please read the terms and conditions carefully.

Please click here to read our terms & conditions. 


Important Information

You will need a minimum of 3m diameter garden space to set up the luxe picnic.

Please note, refunds will not be given in the event there is not enough space to set up.

As the luxe picnic set up is not weatherproof, if the weather forecast suggests adverse weather conditions including wind & rain and indoor set up isn't possible, we have the right to cancel and rearrange the booking. 

By signing I accept and acknowledge the charges stated within the terms and conditions regarding the deposit, payment of the full balance and damage charges. I accept and acknowledge that it is my sole responsibility to ensure adequate supervision is provided as required. I have read and fully understand the Terms & Conditions and liability provided to be and agree to abide by them. 

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Beverley, Hull, Hornsea, Driffield, Barton, Pocklington & many other locations within East Yorkshire.

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Working in the events industry, you can imagine our opening hours are pretty flexible! We always aim to contact you back asap.

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Please ensure you have read the terms and conditions thoroughly before booking. Thank you!


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